Australian architecture suddenly began to excite foreigners during the late 20th century—but it was not a consistent phenomenon before 1988, when the nation celebrated its bicentennial of colonisation with globally televised fireworks and waterside parties around white pavilions that expressed an unprecedented theme: ‘leisure in the age of technology’. This period culminated with a host of new sports buildings developed to support the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Topics surveyed in Chapter 9 of Australian Architecture are:

—Brisbane’s riverbank rescues

—Darling Harbour’s cultural revolution

—History versus visions

—Hospitality magnets

—Travel halls

—Expressive embassies

—Australia’s hilltop parliament

—exclusive and expressive houses

—Public housing

—Sophisticated scenarios for apartments

—Education buildings

—City towers and landmarks

—Indigenous pavilions

—Halls of worship

—Professional and technology transitions

—Sydney Olympics 2000